The membership dues of individuals and businesses represent our largest source of income. You – our members – provide the necessary support that enables the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library to help fund every aspect of the Library’s operations: purchasing books and other materials, sponsoring programs and special events, supporting new technologies, and enhancing the Library’s facilities.

Benefits of individual memberships include advance notice of special events, receiving the See Gull newsletter and other communications, and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in our community.

Benefits of becoming a Business Friend include the above, as well as a listing on our website, and a listing in our See Gull newsletter.  The newsletter is available to thousands of readers at the Library, the READS Learning Center, online at, and via email and regular mail.  This listing includes messaging that encourages readers to patronize your business and recommend you to their family members and friends.

When you join the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library, you are telling the community that libraries and lifelong learning are important. Show your support by joining the Friends, by making a donation, or by volunteering. Your gifts and donations are tax deductible.


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